What Will it Cost?

A small investment for the rest of your life.

Cost and Payment Method

The package cost includes visits with a nutritionist, psychiatrist, Dr. Gregory, the procedure for introducing the balloon and removal at six months.

We have different payments methods and financing available. For detailed costs information please contact us at (787) 946-5215 or fill out the Contact Form.


Banco Popular0% APR and 0 payments for 12 months for purchases of $3,000.00 and up when you pay with your Banco Popular credit card. Upon offer expiration, your regular rate will apply, from 11.24% APR to 25.24% APR. This APR may change based on the Prime Rate published on the Wall Street Journal.

Offer valid from April 17, 2016 through April 18, 2017 and must be requested at the time of the purchase. Promotional rate of 0% APR and 0 payments is valid for 12 months from the purchase date for purchases made with an eligible Banco Popular credit card in Innova Weight Loss Solutions in Puerto Rico. After offer expires, your regular rate will apply to the promotional balance owed. Subject to credit line availability, certain restrictions apply. Offer does not apply to Corporate and Business or charge and debit cards.

Banco Popular is not a provider or seller of these products.

Health Insurances

Only the initial appointment evaluation/orientation is covered by most health plans.

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